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1. Silensys E7 Bluetooth Headphones
These headphones are lightweight and have cushioned ear cups that are soft on your ears. They are noise-canceling, which can help you avoid hearing unwanted noise and focus on your own media. The battery can last for over 30 hours.

Travel accessories for long flights
     * Travel accessories for long flights.

2. Sleepy Ride Airplane Footrest
Long-haul flights can cause a lot of trouble for your legs, particularly if you’ve already had some problems with swollen legs or sensitive veins.

3. Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Neck Pillow
This pillow provides optimal neck support and comfort during long travel hours.

4. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag (1L)
This bag helps you keep flight essentials handy (link:

5. The New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (8GB)
You can read a whole book on the flight.

" 7 Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights" 

6. Sweatpants and Sneakers
They are comfy and warm, making them one of the best travel accessories for long flights.

7. Infinity scarf
A versatile thing to have, it will keep you warm and help you avoid a sore throat if you are sensitive to air conditioning.

Remember, it’s important to consider all the situations that might arise during a long-haul flight and everything you might need.

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1. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) 
OTAs often package everything from hotel rooms to rental cars to restaurant reservations on top of flights to lure you in. You can even earn rewards miles when booking via an OTA . However, the only instance where you can’t earn reward points when booking with an OTA is when buying pre-packaged vacations.

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   How to Book CHEAP FLIGHTS! Top 8 Tips
2. Booking Directly with Airlines
Airlines would prefer you to book directly through them. If the price changes after you buy your ticket, many airlines will get you the difference back1. Sometimes, you might find a lower last-minute fare on an OTA, or occasionally, you may find a glitch in the system offering an outrageously low fare, but the best deals are almost always found when you book directly through an airline’s website.

Is it cheaper to book flights through airlines
     - Is it cheaper to book flights through airlines

3. Add-on Fees
Booking directly through airlines involves navigating a maze of fees, add-on offers, and confusing seat selection choices. The resulting price at checkout is often higher than the advertised price.

4. Rewards Programs
Airlines sometimes offer special perks when you book directly through them, particularly if you belong to their rewards program.

In conclusion, while OTAs might offer competitive prices, booking directly through the airline can provide more convenience, potential refunds if prices change, and special perks for members of their rewards programs. 

However, be aware of additional fees that can make the final price higher when booking directly with airlines.

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