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1. Fly during weekends, when fewer corporate travelers fly and fares might be lower.

2. Get a co-branded credit card with your favorite airline and earn bonus miles or points that you can redeem for first class seats.

How to get discounted first class tickets
      - How to get discounted first class tickets

3. Check for last-minute upgrades at check-in or at the gate, as airlines might offer them for a lower price to fill up the empty seats.

4. Avoid buying business or first-class tickets outright, especially on weekdays when fares might be higher due to corporate travelers.

5. Join airline loyalty programs and use co-branded credit cards. This can often earn you enough miles or points to buy premium seats.

6. Buy a coach seat, then use your frequent flyer points to upgrade to first class. It might be possible to upgrade a seat for less, or even for free, close to departure when you are checking in, or at the gate.

7. Purchase an upgradeable coach or premium economy fare, and then apply your points to get into first class1.
Use elite or airline credit cards. Some of the elite travel cards offer big bonuses if you sign up and spend a certain amount within a short period.

8. Fly during weekends. The fares might be lower as fewer corporate travelers fly during this time.

9. Check flight comparison sites like Kayak every day or set up price alerts with multiple sites.

10. Remember, these strategies might not always guarantee a discounted first-class ticket, but they can increase your chances of getting one.

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