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One possible reason why flight prices go up when you search is that airlines use dynamic pricing, which means that the price of a ticket can change based on various factors, such as demand and the traveler’s search history. 

Airlines use sophisticated algorithms to monitor customer behavior and adjust prices accordingly.
So, if you search multiple times, chances are that the price will go up each time because more people have seen your search and decided to buy tickets at that rate. ""

Another possible reason is that some online travel agencies, such as Orbitz, may raise prices on repeat flight searches, based on a 2016 study by Consumer Reports.

The study found that 59% of the times when the searches differed, the fares were higher on the scrubbed browser — the browser with no search history — but those higher fares often came from online travel agencies.

However, some experts say that this practice is not common and that there is no conclusive evidence that airlines or ticketing websites raise airfares for consumers who research a specific route on their computer . 
They argue that what people see when they shop multiple times and prices are changing is a reflection of inventory changes, data caching techniques and the fact that prices generally get more expensive closer to departure date, even within a day.
The best thing to do to find the cheapest flights is to shop around and compare prices from different sources, such as meta-search sites, such as Google Flights or Kayak, or directly from the airlines’ websites.

You can also use tools like Skyscanner to set up price alerts and get notified when the price of a flight drops or rises.

Why do flight prices go up when you search
       - Why do flight prices go up when you search

And, if possible, try to search on at least two different browsers, one with cookies intact and another one that is scrubbed, to see if there is any difference in the fares.

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